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The Build

Update - 11 October 2018

Construction works have progressed well onsite with the in-ground works now complete and final work on pouring footings and slabs now starting. The construction will now focus on the main building structure which will be partially complete by the end of 2018. Concurrent to works on the main building the services building structure is now nearing completion and the south west car park has now been asphalted and is nearing completion. The project remains on track to be delivered in the third quarter of 2019.

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Update - 27 September 2018

Works are progressing well on site with the substation building blockwork over halfway. The southern carpark is being prepared and should be asphalted in the coming weeks. The sewer diversion has been completed and inground services and footings are progressing well. The first concrete pour to the southern half of the building is scheduled for the coming week. Formworkers have started on the northern half of the building.

Update - 13 March 2018

The early works are progressing well and demolition of the old brick building and the waterslide have now completed. Further works are now in the planning to connect the site's storm water systems.

BH North update March

Update - 12 February 2018

The Barwon Health North early works are progressing well and demolition of the old brick building and the waterslides has been competed. Further works are in planning to connect the sites storm water systems.

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Update - 6 November 2017

In order to facilitate construction commencement of the main Barwon Health North works, the following early works will be undertaken, commencing in late November 2017.

  • Demolition of de-commissioned waterslide 
  • Demolition of the existing community building adjacent to the waterslide
  • Demolition of sheds and footpaths
  • Installation of site hoardings - making the worksite safe and ready for the main works.

Further construction updates will be released as the project gains momentum.